What you can eat in breakfast?

What you can eat in breakfast?

October 14, 2019 Off By admin

Do you love your teeth?  Do you want to keep it strong for your whole life?  Do you wish to have good health and smile?

If yes, then it is great but you have to work hard to make it great. You need to eat healthy food; although, you can have cheat day or some snacks once a week but try to keep a healthy life otherwise no one can stop you from visiting pediatric dentist Dubai.

You need to have healthy breakfast to have good teeth. There are so many things which you can eat but easy to prepare of them are few. Do you want to know their names? If yes, then read below and find here:

Omlette: It is the wholesome meal to have in breakfast. It is super easy and fast to prepare. All you have to do is to beat an egg and mix it with veggie and pepper and salt and then pour the batter in pan. You can even put the batter in mug and cook it in microwave for two to three minutes. You will get the same result. You can have this omelette with the help of spoon or fork with fresh juice or smoothie.

Smoothie: It is easy gulp and easy to prepare. All you have to do is to add bananas and your favourite fruits with milk in mixer and mix it for few seconds or a minute. It will turn into thick paste like liquor which seemed so freshening and nutritious. You can have it piecwith fruit salad that consist of a lot of berries or a simple fruit to eat.

Fruits salad: Cut your favourite fruits into pieces and put them in one bowl. Add pepper and salt and two to three drips of water. Mix them well to get juice. Keep it in fridge for half an hour. Have chilled fruit salad before going to work.

Sandwich: You can prepare easy sandwiches as well. Just place a slice of cheese, sausage or meat ball and any veg on bread. Place another bread over it and keep it in sandwich maker. Brown and golden it then take it out from the maker. Have it with fresh juice. You can dip it in ketchup or mayonnaise too.

Pancakes: Unlike sugary pancakes, you can prepare healthy pancakes in which you can add honey instead of sugar and have as many pancakes as you want with chocolate shake which you can prepare by using milk, dark chocolate and honey. Boiled eggs: If you do not hate eggs, then you can try to have boiled egg with porridge or oats to make the meal wholesome and must-have. You can even add little spices to add flavours in it. But make your meal healthy and tasty.