Debunking myths about lip fillers

Debunking myths about lip fillers

July 13, 2020 Off By admin

Lip injections have got a pretty bad reputation for the terrible results which it seems to be imposing on a lot of people. But that is not the whole truth which you will hear which is why it is extremely necessary to do your own research before believing anything about lip fillers in Dubai.

  • You can never go without injections now

This is certainly not true. Most people believe that once they start using lip fillers, they will never be able to stop them or that they will always have to keep up with it because of the lasting effects of injection. As said, this is not true, there are no evidences to the fact that you will always need them.

  • Your lips will be ruined forever

If you think that if the prp treatment in Dubai goes sideways and the results don’t come out as expected then there is nothing you can do about it, you could be highly mistaken. Depending on the kind of lip filler you have opt for, there are different ways to fix the ruined look. You can either ask your doctor to inject an opposite dissolver or maybe wait out for the medication to wear off.

  • Lip injections work for thin lips

Even though this may seem like one of the primary reasons to opt for lip injections but, this is not always the case. There are many different types of conditions which lip injections seem to solve for us, ranging from asymmetric and disproportionate lips to smoother and even ones can be easily achieved.

  • Your age is not appropriate for lip fillers

There is no exact age of using lip fillers as almost everyone of every different age use them. Mostly aging people use in order to tone down the effects of the old age and rejuvenate the health. They are versatile in terms of age and can be highly useful to boost the collagen production making it a naturally volume added area.

Though it is highly necessary to consider getting lip fillers from a place which is reputable and consulting a dermatologist before hand to make sure that it works best for you. consider the past cases of the practitioner and then go for the treatment. Take it lightly for the first time and then gradually increase it.