What is a sanitization tunnel?

What is a sanitization tunnel?

July 8, 2020 Off By admin

News has confirmed that many countries from all over the world have infected themselves with the global virus that has originated its roots from China. Since there is no cure for it until now, people are tending to follow only the precautions with a better stance towards SOPs and social distancing because many scientists, doctors, and authenticated personnel has given it a code green. From where it can provide only the precautions to fight the virus rather than waiting for the vaccine to come and set the world free from it.

However, one of the most productive and better stance to withstand the issues of the global pandemic situation as it is becoming an overwhelming response from many states, countries, and even from all over the world. That it helps in fighting the virus and setting a probability to such level where the virus either dies or starts to get away from the person that it has tried to infect in the first place.

While we are trying to find a cure, it is better to follow SOPs and social distancing because it is our only chance to withstand this global pandemic situation. Therefore, the disinfection tunnels can help us provide the probabilities of withstanding the virus and see that it does not infect the person that has used the tunnel by walking through it and set a new example for people that will follow him/her now.

However, one of the press releases from a worldwide newspaper can help us see what sanitizing tunnel spray gate made by 3D printing companies in Dubai is and how it works proficiently for the betterment of the society, the press release statement is; the Mexican border has sealed the entry from America after the cases of new infection rises to a new endangering factors that will only allow the global pandemic to grow rather than stop it from spreading. Therefore, the authorities have claimed to not seal the border entirely but install a sanitization gate that helps in disinfection of the virus and other bacteria available on the body of the traveler. Nogales government states that it is an effective solution to the problem of a pandemic situation. Therefore, they have seen the toll decreasing after they have installed the sanitization gates that help in preventing the virus from spreading by using a spray full of chemicals and compounds that kill the bacteria and any other virus instantly.