Facts about Audi

Facts about Audi

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Nothing can beat the charisma, coolness, and the exciting features of the four interwoven rings as one of the German automobile companies has given us the authentication to use these cars as any part of our life. Audi serves the best with the best they have in store, whether if it is a supercar that you need or an SUV, all of them serves you with the satisfaction that you have while trying to buy a car.

Audi has become one of the leading automobile companies after making more than 58 billion dollars in the single year 2015. As they are giving us the luxurious looks with the cars that they make, they have also featured themselves in many Hollywood movies, including the latest installment and the finale of the first phase of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) – Avengers Endgame.

However, they have made billions with not only giving us the luxurious looks with the cool cars that they make but also provide us the jaw-dropping features that they make with the concept cars. Therefore, the Audi that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has used in Avengers Endgame is one of the most searched cars in 2019 after the release of the movie.

Some of the other cool facts concerning the automobile industry of Audi spare parts in Dubai and different auto spare parts in Sharjah are in the section below:

  1. Those who think that the German automobile company has come into existence a few years ago are wrong because they are with us for more than a hundred years. However, history suggests otherwise because of the founding companies that are older than a hundred years.
  2. The person who runs the company never suggested the name of the German Automobile company, however, a child suggested it as he suggested to use it as the name of the company rather than using Horch in the first place.
  3. The four rings that people like on the front of the German automobile represent something and that is the Auto Union of four companies which includes Horch, Audi, DKW, and Wanderer.
  4. If you think that Audi is a standalone company with no other automobile giant having its supervision upon it then you are wrong because the automobile giant, Volkswagen not only supervises the automobile giant but owns it in the first place.