Advantages of Digital Signage

Advantages of Digital Signage

July 10, 2019 Off By admin

Digital signage has gained popularity since over a decade as is set to earn millions by the year 2023. But what is the reason behind their widely gaining popularity? Digital signage suppliers in Dubai says that their increasing demand will soon surpass all the limits and there will not be a single company left which does not own an outdoor advertising LED display screen.

Higher Engagement

According to a certain survey almost 80% of people entered or approached a brand just by looking at its advertisement on a signage. It is much more interactive as compared to the boring pop ups on a site or an ad which effortlessly skips our eye in a page flip of news or a magazine. Digital signage obviously helps you to reach a vast number of audience in a single go rather knocking doors and popping on webpages.

Greater customer experience

People who interact with brands and products through a digital signage claim to be much more satisfied with the services than through the usual process. The digital signage makes the customer experience a lot more pleasant as they then help in keeping the customers engaged with its entertaining screen helping them keep their customers in line with their patience.

Unplanned purchases

While window shopping in a mall, if you see a brand which has just decided to hit its products at 50% off, it obviously increases interest in the customers and they reach out to find what is in store for them. While rummaging through racks, they come across a piece which they have been longing for and buy at the first instance. Now imagine that number of customer multiplying with every passing minute all because of the digital signage that you decided to invest in, is now paying you back.

Quick in Time consuming tasks

Yes a digital signage is a much easier option to opt for if you look at the bigger picture. Those tasks which require a lot of time such as spreading of news in an area in case of emergencies or handing out tasks and duties to a group of employees which would take time can be done easily with the help of digital signage and its greater reach to a vast audience in no time.