Comparison of modern and old kitchens

Comparison of modern and old kitchens

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If you are living in your ancestor’s place then we bet it has been renovated almost 5 times since the day it was built in a course of 50 years. 5 decades and 5 new designs, this surely means that you are living in the most modern form of your house right now. Now imagine what the place would have looked 50 years ago? The layout must have been the same and we are pretty sure your dad didn’t do some crazy switching of making guest room a bathroom but surely the colours, textures, designs and placements of things would be the same. This also means that kitchen would still have its island placed in the middle of kitchen, sink still intact and pantry still there but still it would still look completely different and unfamiliar and that is how you know that world has evolved.

The kitchens in early 1900s were quite advanced as compared to kitchens before them, though it still seems old and vintage to us but people of 19th century were pretty happy to have municipal water system and gas in their homes which visibly minimized the labour and task that they and their ancestors had to go through sickening themselves in front of coal and smoke. 20th century was a revolutionizing era when the modernization took place specifically in kitchens and when people started to take kitchens seriously and not dedicating them only to cooking but also spending more time.

Soon cabinets were introduced and people felt a need of free empty counter top spaces which would help them in various tasks such as chopping and laying out ingredients. But there’s a twist in countertops as well and they were not directly introduced as the way we know them today. These countertops were created in different sized and heights the way people felt them comfortable in. Sometimes a single kitchen would have different heights and designs in a single place for different purposes but soon realized that such unusualness was not working and this is how the kitchen islands that we know today were introduced. Some things are still the same yet very different from how we know them today. And this is how we compare the old and modern kitchens.

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